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Multiple award-winning writer/director Christopher Kay has always been a filmmaker to apply the "auteur theory". He has a Masters Degree in Cinema Studies and was also educated and mentored in film production and direction by the infamous Dov Simens, who trained Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez among others. His short film 'Meter' which starred comedy royalty Greg Fleet and Dave Callan was selected as part of the 'Top 100 Short Films' for the St Kilda Film Festival 2014. He has directed over a dozen short films, several music videos as well as created and directed comedy web serials 'Double Takes' and 'Chit Chats', and the acclaimed horror series 'Found' which won 'Best Web Series' and 'Best Horror Humour' at the 2015 Independent Horror Movie Awards. He is currently in pre-production on upcoming feature film "Just Between Us" and in development of a television comedy series entitled "Admin" which is due to go into production in 2016.


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