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My name is Mike Woodard Jr, and I have directed many movies ever since 2007, starting with the "Field of Innocence" Music Video.

Ever since then I have direct at least three other music videos, four short comedy skits, and two major productions: 'Moving On' a drama featuring eight friends as they transition from high school to college and 'BRIDE' a thriller involving the fictional tale of student at Salisbury University who disappeared shortly before graduation in 1995, made in conjunction with the Future Film Makers club at Salisbury University.

The actors and crew I work with have all worked very hard for me in the past to put together these video pieces for you to watch and enjoy! So please watch these movies, it won't take long, and you'll find you'll like a few of them if not almost all of them! So take a few minutes please to watch the videos and either rate or comment on what you thought of them afterwards! We would like to hear your thoughts on them! Thank you!

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