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  1. Live Phish Videos

    by D3serve joined

    52 Videos / 40 Members

  2. Columbia College Chicago - FILM/VIDEO

    by Joseph Griffin joined

    282 Videos / 142 Members

    We are located in the southern loop of Chicago, IL and we are film and video makers. We are underclassman shooting in Grant park and upperclassmen holding grey cards and Nagra BBs and we are the…

  3. artistic social filmmakers

    by Ariane Jedlitschka joined

    7,096 Videos / 2,356 Members

  4. Future Collective

    by Walker joined

    44 Videos / 132 Members

    The future is your canvas, paint us a picture. To add content to the group please join. This group will have content based on our vision of the future, as well as the visions of those that…

  5. Green Film Alliance Group

    by Green Film Alliance joined

    145 Videos / 47 Members

  6. Green Contributors

    by Green Connected joined

    269 Videos / 108 Members

  7. Anybody Can Serve

    by Anybody Can Serve joined

    33 Videos / 17 Members

    Our excessive use of this nation’s energy resources places an immense strain on the environment. Equally important is the tremendous and oftentimes unnecessary burden that our over consumption…


    by F/22 joined

    23 Videos / 3 Members

    To keep up with the interactivity and dialogue with our friend the earth we (all) of us must stay initiated with good/sustainable practice. This planet of ours is undergoing some drastic changes…

  9. Minkbaby group

    by clairestokoe joined

    5 Videos / 4 Members

    This is an eco group featuring green project videos when i get around to adding them

  10. Good Music And Good Cause Movement.

    by Allen Forrest joined

    7 Videos / 4 Members

    The 1,000,000 to support good music and a good cause campaign. So each week I will show case a different charity which per week 10% per cent of sales and all donations will go the organization…

  11. Transcendent Hope

    by Nathanael Rittichier joined

    417 Videos / 116 Members

    No matter how darkly romantic or thrilling in the end we need a "Transcendent Hope." We need Inspiration!!! Allowing us filmmakers to communicate, bitch, Inspire and be inspired.…

  12. 3BL Media: Corporate Social Responsibility Group

    by 3BL Media joined

    648 Videos / 36 Members

    At 3BL Media, we are committed to the Triple Bottom Line: people, planet and profit. More than ever before, companies are working to improve the environment and society while making a profit. Please…

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