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Wiggleywoo is an animation company in Dublin.

We're currently in production on our adult animated series Tea With the Dead (7 x 5mins) due for completion May 2014. We're super busy developing other animation projects too, in fact we're bursting with a million and one ideas. Our preschool series The Day Henry Met starts production in the Autumn of 2014. We know animation and we love kids, so much so, we even have a few of our own.

Oh and if you're wondering who that lovely little fella in the jar is, he's Wiggleywoo! He's so adorably cute, we have to keep him in the jar with the lid on tight because if he ever got out, the whole wide world would fall in love with him and STOP what they're doing! Imagine, nothing would get done anywhere............

Make sure you visit our website and Facebook page to keep up to date with everything in Wiggleywoo world.

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