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The WikiLeaks Party stands for unswerving commitment to the core principles of civic courage nourished by understanding and truthfulness and the free flow of information.

It is a party that will practise in politics what WikiLeaks has done in the field of information by standing up to the powerful and shining a light on injustice and corruption.

The Constitution of the WikiLeaks Party lists its objectives which include the protection of human rights and freedoms; transparency of governmental and corporate action, policy and information; recognition of the need for equality between generations; and support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination.

The WikiLeaks Party has a 10-member National Council. National Council members include: Julian Assange; Assange's father, John Shipton; Melbourne mathematician Daniel Mathews; Australian National University scientist Niraj Lal; Maitland lawyer, political activist and former independent candidate Kellie Tranter; Sydney-based digital archivist and freedom of information activist Cassie Findlay; WikiLeaks Australian Citizens Alliance co-conveners Samantha Castro and Kaz Cochrane; indigenous education consultant and activist Luke Pearson; and Omar Todd, a filmmaker and cyber security and social media consultant with the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling group. John Shipton is the current Chief Executive Officer of the party.

The WikiLeaks Party was incorporated as a political party in Australia in January 2013.

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