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We, Eileen and Wes Rehberg, are longtime activists and artists with credentials in investigative work that documents social, economic and political situations and their effects on people. Through Wild Clearing, our work.

Both of us have Ph.D.s, Eileen in social policy analysis and management from Cornell University and Wes in philosophy, interpretation and culture from the State University of New York at Binghamton.

Eileen’s work includes Geographic Information System analysis (GIS). She now works director of Building Stable Lives and 211 in United Way of Greater Chattanooga, TN, and as well teaches part-time at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Eileen also has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fine arts and art history from SUNY-Binghamton and is a painter.

Wes was an enterprise journalist during a 22-year newspaper career and is a retired (and recovering) United Methodist pastor. He also has a master of divinity degree from Colgate-Rochester Divinity School, concentration in liberation theology. As well, he studied two years at UCLA’s graduate film school, and a semester at Pratt Institute. He is now and yet a human-rights, media and arts activist and film artist and documentarian.

Our activism work has taken us to Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Chiapas and central Mexico, Cuba, Palestine and Israel, Vieques in Puerto Rico, and throughout the USA, in addition to trips to the Netherlands, France, Spain and Morroco.

This is a reflection on direction for me, and for our documentary film work. Cost has been a factor but so has been reception to what we've been up to, both related. Realistically, we just eke by with this.

STILL ... experimental work, event films and video sketches will be the film focus from now on ...

Wes Rehberg

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