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Raúl Tomás Granizo, born (1978) and raised in Spain, founder of wildglimpses, is a freelance wildlife filmmaker and nature photographer always looking for the essence of nature.
The love for wilderness and travelling has been in his blood for as long as he can remember. He has rarely been at home since early childhood, spending most of his spare time wandering across woods and mountains looking for wildlife. This passion has eventually led him to begin his career of forestry engineering with a master degree in conservation biology. With his camera always at his side, he has continued travelling around the world, alongside working in his own country for the protection of endangered species such as the Spanish imperial eagle. It was not long before his hobby became a profession and lifestyle that now takes up all of his time.

Please do not hesitate to send an e-mail should you wish to contact him for any enquiry (videos, footage, pictures, wildlife locations, birdwatching and photography in Spain, etc.).

info at wildglimpses dot com

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