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The WildHearts Group launches companies that through their activities and profits deliver entrepreneurship education and microfinance. To date we’ve transformed over 100,000 lives both at home and abroad.

- WildHearts Office offers 35,000 products, competitive prices, outstanding customer service AND funds the work of the WildHearts Foundation (Registered Charity SC037072). WildHearts Office enables our customers - who include global brands such as Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson and Wood Group - to make a positive social impact, both at home and abroad, through simply purchasing their business supplies.

- Our multi-award winning Micro-Tyco programme delivers inspiration, knowledge and networks to unleash entrepreneurial talent in schools, universities and companies. Over 34,000 people from 19 countries have taken part to date. Micro-Tyco is so successful at identifying and developing talent, it is now part of the recruitment strategies and training programmes of businesses spanning sectors including energy, legal, financial services and engineering.

- Our portfolio of events - including the WildHearts Global Entrepreneurial Leaders Summits, Micro-Tyco Master Classes, Future Talent Forums and Business For Good Lunches - inspire, educate and connect. WildHearts' Events are free for WildHearts customers and Micro-Tycos.

- Our business ethos continues through to our social impact: from funding micro-loans for poor entrepreneurs in the developing world to helping young people at home develop business and employability skills and gain work experience, apprentices and jobs through Micro-Tyco.

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