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Walt Disney once said , "of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language", that rings true now more than ever. My affair with film and video began many years ago as an attempt trying impress a girl; I lost the girl, but discovered my passion. Over the years my love for this medium has taught me that by being unorthodox I obtain the best results in my craft. Experimentation has only enhanced my creative abilities thus strengthening my desire to obtain the impossible.
Through my cinematic journeys Wild Man Films was born. Wild Man is a small outfit designed for going above and beyond everyday filming expectations. We at Wild Man are involved in every aspect of production ensuring you get the product you expect and deserve. Keeping with tradition we at Wild Man like our predecessors who forged before us will provide you with "...a hollywood that never was - and always will be." - Michael Eisner.

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