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The Netherlands.

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I started animating short ‘films’ in the late 90′s using nothing more than MS PowerPoint.
Okay, they may have been terrible, but hey, it was a start.

At a certain point I realized I couldn’t really archive the videos, seeing how PowerPoint files aren’t exactly movie files. I had to think up a new way of animating. In 2003/04 I started drawing my animation frames in MS Paint and imported them into Windows Moviemaker. This gave me more control and more importantly, the ability to properly save and archive my material.

Around 2007 I laid my hands on my first real digital camera. A JVC Everio Camcorder (prior to that I had played around with a HI8 Sony Handycam and a crappy photocamera with a ‘film’ function). With the brand new camcorder in check I started filming everything.

At that point I spent most of my time with both live action videos as well as animation.

End of 2008 my first real live action video had gone into production (“a Quote”). After completing this film and winning a national (amateur) film festival in 2009 my main focus had gone to filmmaking.

Now, multiple cameras and experiences later I’m glad I did. I really feel that I have developed myself within these past few filmmaking years. I’m really thankful for my animation background as it taught me a lot about filmmaking techniques, I still use to this day.

My goal at the moment is to one day being able to combine film with animation to beautifully mesh and empower each other to produce imagery that for now is only locked away in my head.

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