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WILL HUGHES is a writer, producer and videographer. He's currently Executive Producer and Showrunner for Patty and Patty, Foot Soldiers, El Cabon, That Ain't Right and V-City.

Will is the creator or co-creator of five sitcoms, three feature films and dozens of reality shows.

He's produced hundreds of videos for blue chip clients like About.Com, GeoBeats, YahooLocal and AOL/Patch as well as corporate clients. WebVideo Productions produces web series and full length DVDs like Ann Yocum's Hot Flow (createspace.com/353828).

Will has an MFA in Writing from the prestigious School of Arts, Columbia University and a PhD in Television Audience Research from UMASS-Amherst. He's taught digital editing and media production on the college level for 20 years and produced over 200 webcasts of Division I (hockey) and Division II NCAA sports.

"Have cameras. Will travel."

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  • EL CABON - Full service golf web page including the complete Adventures of Legendary Golf Super Hero, Señor El Cabon


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