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  1. Organic gardening

    by ChangetheWorldU

    15 Videos / 53 Members

    All gardeners welcome

  2. Lifestyle. Easy Living. Easy Entertaining

    by Susan Doherty

    190 Videos / 51 Members

    Lifestyle - Easy Living. Easy Entertaining is your one-stop resource for all things lifestyle: entertaining, food and wine, cocktails, home and garden, travel and more. Living well is lovely. Living…

  3. Gardening

    by Lightner Property Group

    31 Videos / 39 Members

  4. Permaculture Cooperatives

    by Permaculture Cooperative

    43 Videos / 30 Members

    permaculture formal and informal cooperation; community gardens, clubs, faith-groups, associations, groups, guilds, networks, cooperatives etc

  5. Grow Your Own Veg

    by Simon Edwards

    34 Videos / 16 Members

    Simple if you've made a video about growing your own vegetables then sign up and post it here. I can't find any groups like this on Vimeo. Lets get dialogue going between us and share our…

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