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  1. Welcome to Gagá pa'l Pueblo's Video Gallery - Director - Editor: Willian Alemán

    79 videos

    Redefining Dominican Identity through Music and Dance in a time of globalization Gagá pa'l Pueblo's Video Production. Hosted by Willian Aleman. A digital platform where you can enjoy our video content at the highest resolution. Please, scroll down the page to watch the video Genaro…

  2. Willian Aleman - Documentary Trailers

    10 videos

    Directed & Edited by Willian Aleman Camera Vivian Martinez W. Aleman

  3. Willian Aleman - Director -Editor Showcase Studies

    40 videos

    Willian Aleman is a freelance video director-editor based in New York City. Willian has extensive experience directing, shooting and editing documentaries, live events, concerts and EVPK (Electronic Video Press Kit) in single and multi-camera set up.

  4. Willian Aleman - Director - Creative Video Gallery Gagá pa'l Pueblo

    16 videos

    WELCOME GAGA PA"L PUEBLO, NINA PAULINO, MARIA TERRERO and WILLIAN ALEMAN invite you to watch online, "Fior Cruz. Her Legacy and the Dominican Identity", a four part documentary celebrating her life and her Dominican Identity in NYC. A CELEBRATION TO HER LIFE A COMMUNITY EFFORT

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