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Emerging intimate filmmaker, Will Jacobs, is known for his short films such as Animal (2014), a short that was accepted out of 400 submissions to be screened at Chicago International Film Festival's 11th Annual CineYouth Film Festival.

With his previous experience from making 8 festival-submitted short films with low-to-no budgets, Will has learned to use any resource to its maximum potential. His constant experience with filling in multiple filmmaking roles has expanded his palette as a storyteller, understanding the methods and techniques put into each filmmaking department.

Aside from filmmaking, artist Will Jacobs is also known for his paintings. His painting of a downed plane in a forest, "Run Away", was in the Top Ten at the 34th Annual Congressional High School Art Show Competition in Peoria, Illinois.

Currently in pre-production for his latest written short film, Denouement, Will cannot wait to make an impression on the Hollywood film industry.

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