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Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Jonathan Winbush has become a recognized figure in both the design and animation side of motion graphics in the Los Angeles area. Working in a wide range of virtual mediums he’s done work for Ellen, Marvel, CMT, Far East Movement, Happy Madison, Warner Bros., and many more. Jonathan’s work has been published in magazines such as Computer Arts, HDRI 3D, Advanced Photoshop and has been featured on such sites as, Behanced Motion Graphics Served and Design is History. In 2011 Jonathan was named one of Inferno Development's top 25 artist in Hollywood.

J.Winbush is the creative work of Jonathan Winbush, an award winning motion designer / animator.
J.Winbush collaborates directly with clients as well as agencies and post production studios to provide great design for motion productions.
With more than 8 years professional experience Winbush has worked in many mediums in the graphics world from broadcast show packages,
network branding, Digital billboards/Kiosk, theatrical main titles and more. Let J.Winbush help you bring your next solid idea to life.
J.Winbush Design
Jonathan T. Winbush

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