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The members of the group are Filipino film amateur, hobbyist, actors, actresses who are based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

Jonathan Guerrero partnered with Sed Carlos and started the group on August 10, 2011 with their very first film entitled "I Just Want You" which was actually named after Aj Rafael's song "I Just Want You". Steph Santana, Sed Carlos's girlfriend, became the lead actress in every major films they made.

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  2. Fukuburger Truck
  3. Brandon Toliver
  4. Charina Espiritu
  5. Sonya Edwards
  6. Camille Andrea Santana
  7. Lyka Gonzalez
  8. Eugene Dela Cruz
  9. Christopher "LM" Dunnam
  10. Dan Kelly
  11. Zack Barbee
  12. Rianne Hill Soriano
  13. Thomas Coruzzi
  14. candy quitania
  15. lyn23arreola