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"Most awesome video ever!"
Rory McConnell // BBC Introducing – “Local Superhero” video

"A triumphant return to straight-up rock, ‘Local Superhero’ is a Foo Fighters-sized guitar anthem, only with an almighty Belfast drawl behind it. Its makers, Nordy trio Window Seats, are putting this mosh-friendly beauty on their upcoming Frozen Bones EP, so for the love of all things wild and noisy, don’t let it pass you by."
Celina Murphy // Hot Press – “Local Superhero” single

“ intriguingly hard-hitting combination of heavy guitar crunch and poppy jangle...”
David Roy // The Irish News – “Rat” single

“Window Seats, from Belfast, pack a wallop from the off. ”No Show” bursts from the traps and runs riot all over your hi-fi before going into stop-start mode driven by demented, rasping drums. It has the eccentric touches of Sparks too and is definitely not something you'd sing in the shower. “Movement” is another slice of intense, passionate playing.”
Jackie Hayden // Hot Press Magazine

“Window Seats are a serious white knuckle ride and are set to make a heavy impact on the scene. Rasping guitars, heavy drums and a very unique lead vocal.”
Richard Crothers // Panic Dots

“Music in its purest form, embryonic, newly written material. The sound of three musicians with the entire town to themselves... Pure brilliance.”
Will McConnell // Bandwidth Films

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