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Colorado Springs, CO

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I love Wine! I love talking about Wine!

I am a marketer by trade. Marketing something I love isn't hard. I am a walking talking billboard for wine.

I am very passionate about helping wineries see the true potential of marketing online and using all the Social Media Platforms to sell their wines.

I believe the experience the consumer has with the wine, winemaker, and tasting room make the difference. The "Why" is such an intriguing part for every winemaker.

I believe that if you are not utilizing the internet and all that it offers to leverage your business, then you will not be around in the future.

I am a certified Inbound Marketer that knows what I am doing when it comes to Social Media and getting your message out there!
I love using Social Media to market. I love the challenges it presents and I love to overcome obstacles.

I do practice what I preach and anyone who doesn't isn't worth your time and effort.

I love using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. These tools can help leverage your product to make sales.

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