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Jeff Nebelkopf, a full-time sponsored professional skydiver, is the Co-founder, Head Wingsuit Designer and Chief Test Pilot at the Tonywingsuit company, which produces the fastest-selling wingsuit brand in the United States. Jeff has presided over nearly every major innovation in wingsuit construction and design over the past five years. As a Wingsuit Instructor and Coach, he has also trained hundreds of new wingsuit pilots from more than 30 countries and was the founder, executive, and visionary behind the 2008 71-person Wingsuit World Record attempt.

In addition to designing and teaching, Jeff owns his own art and videography company called Foghead Studios. His in-air videography credits include the first ever live broadcast of a wingsuit jump for NBC's Today Show, and film of Jeb Corliss proximity-flying down Mount Fuji for a Japanese television show, "World's Most Fantastic Heroes". In October 2008 he filmed the Mixed Formation Project (wingsuits flying with a parachuter) for ESPN.

Trained as a visual artist and sculptor, Jeff owned an ice sculpting business and worked as a commercial artist for 20 years. He now wields his chainsaw and chisel mostly for fun, putting on live ice sculpting performances all over the country.

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