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Honey-sweet sounds distorted by sharp, screaming strings. Lyrical, drunken texts from the euphoria of a pissed romanticist are interrupted by comments from a sobered skeptical cynist.

Mid October 2012 the band released it's first album with Petrol Music, in a production by Wouter Van Belle. The Belgian quality newspaper De Standaard grants it 4 out of 5 stars and calls it "debut of the year".

"What we have in common is a yearning for seduction, extremes and the eternal quest for balance." Touching, uplifting, invigorating and cozy. Winther shows to be skilled in many styles. A charismatic singer, strong musicians, playful songs with a warm heart. Welcome the sense of adventure and infectious rhythms, music full of symbolism and fairy tales. Expect the unexpected, and it'll do you good.

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