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Born and raised just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 29 year old Witness, aka Ryan Ondriezek, has always lived for the music. Coming from a musical background, his Dad has played in a Grateful Dead tribute band for as long as he can remember. Eventually picking up an instrument himself, he started playing bass in punk bands in his early teens.

In 2000, Witness attended his first rave and was instantly drawn to DJ culture and the dark sounds of drum & bass. With early influences such as Freaky Flow, Dieselboy and Andy C, and love for improvisational music due to his roots in punk and jam, it was the artistry of mixing that first inspired him to become a DJ. Having closely followed the drum & bass scene for years, it wasn’t until he discovered dubstep in 2009 that he decided to take it to the next level and start mixing full-time.

It didn’t take long for Witness to start getting noticed in the Pittsburgh scene, releasing numerous mixes and opening for big name acts like Datsik, Borgore, X-ecutioners, Zeds Dead, Speaker Tweakers, Tomb Crew, and Gobz the Zombie. He even collaborated with Pittsburgh’s chart-topping producer and DJ RSK, on their monthly dubstep night, Sludge.

Now a Pittsburgh staple on most party lineups, Witness is making his own imprint on the dubstep community with a creative and innovative approach to his craft. To him, being a DJ is all about taking the time to notice all the little things that add up when you blend two different tracks together to create something new. He sees this as a metaphor for life, and how you have to pay attention to the little things and how they all add up. His DJ name, Witness, comes from the desire for him and the people who appreciate his style to take the time to witness these nuances that make life and music interesting and ever changing.

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