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  1. New Beginnings Fellowship

    New Beginnings Fellowship Chico, CA


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    Our church body was born out of a weekly bible study 5 years ago. Seeking God's direction, through prayer, study of Scripture and more prayer God led us to become a church community. Unconcerned with the traditions of religion we want to be a real body of believers who seek a real relationship with…

  2. Mike Stratman
  3. Peter Yousef
  4. Kay Llovio
  5. Cindy Dickson
  6. Debbie Crane
  7. Kathleen Tucker
  8. Ron Talone
  9. Adrian Dunne

    Adrian Dunne San Diego, California


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  10. Kathleen Tucker
  11. Jason Wilson
  12. Paula Willems

    Paula Willems Plus Rocklin, CA


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    Hi, I'm Paula. I am a photographer & blogger, and I love cooking, making music, and art! My Vimeo videos will be a combination of home videos of my adventures as well as a place to display my professional video projects in a video portfolio.

  13. Caitlin Hagan
  14. Paul Hagen

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