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Wojtek Kozakiewicz
Filmmaker for the outdoor adventure industry.

w: wojtekozakiewicz.com
w: vimeo.com/polishedproject - Polished Project Video Production
e: wojtek(at)vacaspurpuras.com
i: instagram.com/wojtekozakiewicz
t: twitter.com/wojtekozakiewiz

Having a strong desire to merge his passions of music, moving images and climbing - is what has led Wojtek to become a full-time photographer and cinematographer. Being self-taught Wojtek draws inspiration from his surroundings, culture and people. His stills and movies show you the world as seen by his eyes.

Wojtek is based in the beautiful city of Cracow, Poland, where culture, white limestone, climbing crags and music set the scene to create an incredible mixture to breathe in.

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