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Tom Arana-Wolfe is a published journalist whose work has graced the pages of the magazines Child, and baby, Genre, Instinct and New York. He has a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies with a Concentration in Journalism from Empire State College and shortly will obtain his master’s degree in new media journalism from Full Sail University.

Tom moved his writing online to his political and technological news web site Wolf In Pig’s Clothing. He takes on national stories and offers them with a New York spin.

He demonstrates a firm grasp of his craft by his ability not to be pigeonholed to a specific topic. He has reported on news topics encompassing immigration, same-sex marriage, political races and mass transit alternatives. He shined the spotlight on entertainment with an interview with playwright Edward Albee, a report on Fox Networks now failed attempted on gender-specific cable television channel programming and childrearing advice from Classic TV Mom actors.

Tom got his geek on by exploring the mobile OS market valuated, problematic Google flagship mobile phone launch, demonstrating the ACLU's controversial Stop and Frisk Watch mobile app and the pros and cons of collecting comic books as a financial investment. He has penned a string a gay lifestyle pieces including gay game hunters and a first-person essay on his life as an out gay police officer.

Tom plans to bring his journalism skills equally to all of the different venues of social media. Whether it a tweet, a Facebook page post, an embedded Storify piece, or a completely original multimedia story, each and every one will be delivered with the same integrity.

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