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San Francisco/LA

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Wolf Larsen is a San Francisco songwriter, writer-writer and Leonard Cohen lover. Best listened to by candlelight, on long drives, or walking in nature with a good set of headphones, her debut album Quiet at the Kitchen Door is guaranteed to break your heart, in the best possible way.

For the release of her first record, Larsen is donating a significant portion of proceeds to organizations that invest in the education of girls around the world, starting with The Nike Foundation’s initiative called The Girl Effect Fund. The Girl Effect is the notion that investing in women, particularly in girls, is the best, fastest way to bring the world right again. Along with UNESCO, The World Health Organization, and USAID, Wolf believes in this idea 100% and wants to dedicate her record release to spreading this worthy meme around.

Find Wolf online.
Website wolflarsenmusic.com/
Bandcamp wolflarsen.bandcamp.com/
YouTube youtube.com/wolflarsenmusic
Facebook facebook.com/wolflarsenrecords
Twitter twitter.com/wolflarsenmusic
Myspace myspace.com/wolflarsenmusic

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