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Ipswich, Qld, Australia

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Miles and Julie have worked together as a collaborative team over the last eighteen years. They met while completing a BAVA at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane 1995-1997. Their love of film, collecting stuff, interest in experimenting with old 8mm and super 8 cameras and projectors and pushing and pulling old and new techniques and technologies led them into creating short low budget films within their arts practice. Their graduating projects, Maudie 1997 (Julie's) super 8,16mm, home telecine, (shown as an installation) received the Manton/Bryan Art Prize Queensland University of Technology, in 1998 Showed at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth WA, 1998 HATCHED/ Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane QLD and in 2001 was purchased by SBS Australian television Eat Carpet for three years and Shrimper (Miles) super 8, 16mm film.

1998-1999 Julie and Miles completed a BA (honours) in Film and Television Production at the Queensland University of Technology. During this time they produced The Cupboard super 8/16mm 1999, and an extended version of Shrimper super 8/16mm was completed in 2000 and was awarded 5 nominations at the 2001 Queensland New Film Makers Awards and Two Highly Commended, and in 2002 – Screened at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival.

Through a burning desire to become very independent film makers and continue working in the arts/film industry, in 2001 Miles and Julie started their own business MULESFILM and moved into creating stop motion films purely out of lack of money to pay any actors or crew, as by this stage all family members and friends had been used up. Their first stop motion film Gordon, 2001 shot with a Sony digital 8 camera captured into a DC10 capture card via s-video at high data rate and was the Winner of the 2001 Brisbane International Fast Film Festival 
competition and went on to be a Winning Finalist in the Nescafe Australasian Short Film Awards and Finalist in the Queensland New Film Makers Competition (open section) and toured Australia, Japan and China
 with the IDAP Touring Exhibition
Rocky was their 2nd stop motion film created in 2003 shot with a Canon XM2 and captured over firewire and that year was a Finalist at the Brisbane International Fast Film competition
 and also toured Australia, Japan and China
 with the IDAP Touring Exhibition.

While not working on their films Miles and Jules business includes anything from still photo shoots, special effects makeup, props, transfer of video/film to dvd, film clips, full prosthetic medical simulation heads, filming of events, TV show pilots, animation workshops, robowars, lecturing and tutoring.

In 2003 Miles and Jules decided to make a feature stop motion animation "Wombok Forest", they are still working on this film today.

"When we first started to make this film in 2003 we wanted to use a digital stills camera. They were just becoming affordable and after two years previously experimenting with a Canon G2 and a spinning ground glass depth of field adaptor, we managed to buy a Nikon D70. There was no live view back then and we had to do a lot of technical testing to see if it would at all be possible. At that time in the early beginnings we had not heard of anyone using and SLR for stop motion but in the years it has taken us to make our film, we have seen many films shot with SLR'S. SLR'S have improved incredibly over the years, with live view and new improved capture programs etc."

On the making of their work Miles and Jules;

"The technical nightmare just intermingles with the making of the whole thing, it is forever a battle from those first early plasticine models, the first pouring of the foam latex to the last touches on a colour grade in the edit or a sound recorded by mistake that lands on the timeline in a certain place. It is all magic to us."

For a good look into how Jules and Miles have worked on Wombok Forest, this article is a good read:
Ipswich, QLD 2014

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