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Women of the Mountain is a feature-length documentary told through the narratives of six women: three who run the world’s longest, most mountainous, ultra-marathons, and three who live in those rugged terrains.

From the Himalayas to the Alps, to the Sierra Nevada, the film tells stories of resilient women from around the world whose powerful narratives show how they rise above the challenges of age, culture, gender and any parameters set by their society.

Producer, director, and runner Rebecca Byerly fully immerses herself in the struggles and triumphs of these six very different women. The film features a 135-mile race at staggering heights in the Himalayas in Ladakh, India and a 125-mile race through the Alps of Switzerland. In September, Rebecca ran a 200-mile ultra-marathon in California's Sierra Nevada. There she and her film crew profile an American mother of five who also competed in the event. They are now filming the story of the Washoe, a Native American tribe who are the ancient voice of the Sierra Nevada.

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