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We are a D.I.Y. label originally from Brighton but now based in Germany. These are films we've made of people we have worked with.

We have over 100 videos on Youtube - we're slowly putting the best up here.

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  1. Mareike Graf
  2. haunted house
  3. sam collins
  4. Hans-Martin Gross
  5. anna kohlweis
  6. Erased Tapes
  7. Gianmarco Del Re
  8. Jeremy Clapin
  9. Vulgo Films
  10. Leyre CJ
  11. Bertrand FRITSCH
  12. Anna Varga
  13. Liz Green
  14. Pablo G. Díaz
  15. Serafina Steer
  16. Stas Fedosov
  17. Robert Cole
  18. Fence Records