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From Lo-Fi to Disco! ... In summer 2013 the German/Italian duo Woog Riots presented their latest album with the programmatic title "From Lo-Fi to Disco!" and that's what perfectly describes the Woog Riots sound: a unique mixture consisting of quirky indie pop, boy/girl vocals with a Lo-Fi attitude of singing, electronic beats and synthesizers. Some call it tweelectro!

Biff, Bang, Pow! ... Their underground hit "People working with computers", from 2008 album PASP, brought Woog Riots some welcome airplay in the UK, from John Peel successor Hugh Stevens. The band’s upbeat live shows have been celebrated from across Europe from Helsinki to London and across the Atlantic in New York and San Francisco. In their songs you might recognize sounds of DFA, Moldy Peaches, Young Marble Giants, B-52's and many more. Silvana Battisti and Marc Herbert started their popcareer in 2004 putting together their own and international compilation album in tribute to iconic Manchester band The Fall and Mark E Smith.

Art, Pop, Pop about Art ... In February 2013 Woog Riots created a song for an exhibition called „Powerpoint“ by German artist Michael Riedel at David Zwirner’s art gallery, New York. The New York press described the song as being "...an up-beat, euro-pop dance tune that sounds like a kid’s band version of Kraftwerk“.

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