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Workaholic Studio artists have been in the industry for more than a combined 14 years. They have worked on Feature Films, Television shows, Commercials, Short Films, Pre-Vis, Cinematics, Video Games, Military Demos, Medical Simulation, Legal Reenactments, & Architectural Drawings. They look forward to putting their Expertise and Experience to work for you.
(949) 371-WORK (9675)

Brainstorming, Story, Concept Art, Pre-Vis, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Renderfarm, Full Production, Post-Vis, Direct to DVD, Pilots, Architectural Renderings, Military Simulations, Legal Recreations

Companies they have done work for include; Coca-Cola, Sony Imageworks, Warner Bros., Sony Computer Entertainment America, Blue Sky, Blur, Dreamworks, Marvel, Neowiz & many more

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