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**Full Service Entertainment For Finer Social & Corporate Events

Established in 2002, Workin' the Mix Entertainment has set the standard for professional entertainment for the past decade. Founded in the heart of NYC, Workin' the Mix Entertainment has been delivering New York City flair, energy, and flavor to thousands of people in the greater New York & Tri-State areas. No event is too big or too small, as Workin’ the Mix Entertainment has performed at a plethora of private, corporate, community, and fundraising events.

Workin' the Mix Entertainment is a family style company with a unique blend of professionalism, experience, talent, and youth. All of our entertainers have been involved in the industry for many years and come from diverse backgrounds, which have culminated in unmatched success within the industry. Do not be fooled by other companies who believe that years of experience are synonymous with success. Our founders/owners and staff are equipped with a combination of lethal talent and relevant experience within the field, which cultivates an unbelievable party atmosphere that cannot go unnoticed.

We pride ourselves on our ability to please YOU. Customer satisfaction is instilled within the mission and foundation of our company. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business; therefore, we continue to ensure that all of our loyal customers are satisfied with all aspects of our company. From the initial inquiry to the final dance, every last detail is handled with the utmost care and importance by our owners and staff to ensure the highest level of quality. In the end, the ultimate goal, to create a memorable event that will be commemorated for years to come amongst all in attendance, is always guaranteed.

What all of the aforementioned details equates to for our customers is actually very simple; whatever your event calls for, we can provide. With our "state-of-the-art" equipment and "up-to-date" selection of music, interaction, and party planning; we are the proverbial "all-in-one" entertainment company. From start to finish, one phone call is all it takes to make your party vision a reality.

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