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  1. 31:33

    10 Questions and a Six Pack

    by World Industries

    5 Videos

    Anthony Shetler sits down to ask 10 questions of his fellow World team riders.

  2. 29:23

    It's Your World

    by World Industries

    12 Videos

    World Industries 2011 promo video including Anthony Shetler, Timmy Knuth, Zack Kuehne, Chris Mathis, Cody Davis, Mike Franklin, Matt Mendenhall, Andrew Cannon, & Jani Laitiala.

  3. 01:52

    Shop Stop

    by World Industries

    2 Videos

    World team riders pay a visit to the life blood of skateboarding. The home away from home for all us skateboarders, the local skate shop.

  4. 03:38

    Wood & Wheels

    by World Industries

    2 Videos

    Wood & Wheels are where the World Industries team talks about their set ups. See what the World team rides and how they set them up right here.

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