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  1. 05:13


    by World International Pictures

    4 Videos

    Clips and Trailers from the body horror-ific thriller "TONGUES:" "Don't Bother Watching Your Mouth... IT'S WATCHING YOU!" 2008 - 2011

  2. 01:08


    by World International Pictures

    3 Videos

    Trailer and FX tests for unfinished sci-fi Melodrama, "WELCOME HOME" 2009 - 2010

  3. 22:21

    The Complete "HARDD JUSTICE"

    by World International Pictures

    3 Videos

    This gritty series of crime shorts follows Detective Bruce "The Bruiser" Hardd as he solves crimes "the fuck-you way" on the tough streets of Chicago. **UPDATE** 2011 is looking…

  4. 11:43


    by World International Pictures

    9 Videos

    Previews for some of our projects, includes "TEETH," "TONGUES," "NAM CRAZY" and More!

  5. 24:29

    The Complete "TEETH"

    by World International Pictures

    11 Videos

    This contains all known existing parts of the incomplete 2006 monster movie "TEETH." Our first picture is presented --warts and all-- for your viewing pleasure! Coming soon are alternate…

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