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At World Preservation Foundation, we seek to consolidate and disseminate the latest scientific research and foster understanding on the most efficient, least expensive and most effective solutions to the challenges of climate change in order to ensure the longevity, harmony and prosperity of all inhabitants of planet Earth.

With the devastating effects of climate change being felt ever-more quickly and with increasing intensity, the importance of embracing fast-acting solutions to mitigate climate change has increased dramatically. With recent revelations that carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel may last for hundreds of years, it has been shown that no amount of CO2 reductions will bring about planetary cooling in a timeframe relevant to our generation, or the next several generations.

In recent years, greater understanding of climate science has advanced dramatically, and scientists now recognize that climate change in the short term is being driven by extremely potent, shorter-lived climate forcers. By reducing these climate forcers -- namely ozone, black carbon and methane -- cooling begins rapidly.

However, there are other threats to global civilization, and the current economic climate is challenging the ability of society to act meaningfully on all of them. These include: biodiversity loss, food and water insecurity, deforestation, and fisheries collapse. The safety and longevity of each of these is integral to a stable society, therefore their vulnerability reflects in the vulnerability of the global civilization.

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