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The World Snowboard Tour has witnessed rapid growth since its inception, revitalizing competitive snowboarding whilst establishing its credibility as a globally recognized tour. The World Snowboard Tour spans a 10-month competition season including top rated Snowboarding events taking place across four mass geographical zones.

The World Snowboard Tour has evolved out of the system that was used to qualify for snowboarding legend Terje Haakonsen's event: The Arctic Challenge. The winners of selected, prestigious international snowboard competitions earned themselves a ticket to ride at the Arctic Challenge, and gained respect throughout the snowboard scene.

Since those days the Tour has taken off, incorporating and developing a ranking system that is available to all riders; Rookie, or Pro. Riders compete in 1Star to 6Star accredited events throughout the season with each posted result potentially boosting their Tour ranking score. You can find out all about the tour on Let’s just say the Tour links the best Events, and the best Riders to create a unique experience for all involved: Rookie, Pro, Press, and of course all you guys and girls that support the sport.

Sideways forever...peace.

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