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World Wide Village is a 501(c)(3) organization that has been working in Haiti since 2001. We work in many areas of need, but focus on two primary mission areas -- Family Development and Permanent Housing. Family Development means making sure children aren't hungry so they are ready to learn, enabling children to attend and complete their schooling so they can break the cycle of poverty, helping parents develop better skills as parents and leaders in the community, and making sure families have a stable and secure home to live in. It also means working in areas of economic development that are sustainable, empowering and that can lift whole communities, and the nation, out of poverty.

While building permanent housing fits within our definition of Family Development, we maintain it as a separate focus to make the conversation for support simpler, clearer and more impactful.

We support all of our programs through generous donations of our supporters, and grants from a variety of organizations, but our greatest support comes from our partnerships with churches around the country and mission team members who travel to Haiti to experience first hand what it's like to be the hands of the Lord at work in the world.

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