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I’m Wouter Hoogstra, a master student Industrial Design and Engineering at the university Twente. During my bachelor study Industrial Design the focus was on a systematic approach of idea generation, creation and production of consumer products. Other areas covered by the bachelor was marketresearch, production techniques, material knowledge, physical and mental psychology, art history and most important I learned how to work efficiently in teams. An important aspect is working with deadlines and guidelines in the various assignment.
During my master study Emerging Technology Design the focus was on system engineering, user centered design, virtual reality, human-media interaction, telematic networks and embedded computer architectures. As a personal interest I studied during my master also in the area of tribology the courses durability of consumer products for which I did research into Self-healing coatings for mobile phone screens.

Besides my study I started a company in 2010 called Avecta. We are an agency that delivers students to support the funeral business with services during the funeral. The company has 20+ employees on part-time contracts, the employees are all students from the HBO – Enschede or the University Twente. My job describtion is communication with the customers, planning of the services which we will provide and document the progress and evaluate the results.

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