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Creative group of freelancers specialized in still and motion picture.

WOW Pictures created by Pawel Grabowski,
photographer and cinematographer,
was born and raised in Krakow, Poland.

He currently works on projects in Poland and Brazil.

He moved out form Poland at age of 18,
he spent 7 years abroad,
he lived in Antwerp, Dublin, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro.

He studied photography at the Institute of Photography in Dublin,
and fine art photography at KFA in Krakow.

His knowledge in audiovisual art came from Santo Forte studio, Rio de Janeiro,
where he learned everything from production to postproduction of motion picture.

He has taken part in many exhibitions and creative events in Poland and Brazil.

He took part of projects for:

TVN, Earlgrey, Vitkac, My Music Rec., Jordan Group, LC Corp.,
Miss Sixty Krakow, Stefanel Krakow, Behr, OE industry, Elcamp,
Centrum Papieru, Bynaked, Viralseed and many more…

Ray-Ban, Lancome, Tim mobile, Vogue Brasil, Telefonica, TVA, Osklen, Auslander, Cantao,
Reserva, Lenny, Deck Disc Rec., Globo, Firjan, Gomus, Onda, and many more...

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