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I sometimes think I have a ‘serial obsessive disorder’: I get interested in a subject and I pursue it madly until I’ve really gotten a handle on it. Photography, engineering, design, woodworking, ceramics, penmanship... it all goes in the mix.

You see, I've been a design engineer for almost two decades: designing products, processes, machinery, you name it.

And, in 2002 I opened my portrait studio where I create fine art for my clients. I also play with functional found-metal sculpture. And I design stuff like the SlingShot. It's really nuts!

I live on 3 acres with two dogs, two cats, an elderly goat, and my wife of 30 years, (I saved the best for last) and where I have a ridiculously well equipped shop in which I impulsively indulge the wildly creative (and the engineering side) of my not-quite-controllable brain.

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  1. Wow. Wow Wow. Thank you. What a lovely treatment of a lovely man. Being a misfit myself, I am in awe of your respectful treatment of his world.