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    Ornamental Concrete

    by wreckandsalvage

    17 Videos

    An absurd animated adventure featuring computerized woodchucks, nudist G.I. Joes, and an occasional robot. More of a vaguely schizophrenic acid flashback than a cohesive cartoon series. Themes of…

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    by wreckandsalvage

    44 Videos

    Politically themed mashups and remixes.

  3. 01:21


    by wreckandsalvage

    68 Videos

    Short Wreck and Salvage promos

  4. 07:38

    Pure Salvage

    by wreckandsalvage

    130 Videos

    Wreck and Salvage mashups and remixes.

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    Quirk CV

    by wreckandsalvage

    4 Videos

    Videos shot, edited, and animated by Adam Quirk

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    by wreckandsalvage

    24 Videos

    Short for Supplies for the Pending Apocalypse. Suppendapo, Inc. has everything, and we mean everything, to turn your post-apocalyptic nightmare into a manageable inconvenience. Orders may be placed…

  7. 00:50

    Work and Days

    by wreckandsalvage

    23 Videos

    Personal videos, travelogues, and experiments.

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