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Welfare Reform Liaison Project (WRLP) is a non-profit faith-based organization. WLRP promotes self-sufficiency for low-income families in Guilford County through:Personal Development, Simulated Job Training, Product Distribution and Entrepreneurial Initiatives.

The Video Production Training program is designed to teach the student how to film and edit a professional video for a client with a professional video camera, professional lighting kit and several types of microphones. The training also includes the capturing of raw video files and as well as the cataloging, editing and rendering the video and audio in order to complete a usable video.

The Training Program consists of both classroom and practicum components. Through the practicum, WRLP program participants work with nonprofit and public agencies on videos that serve the needs of these agencies. Agencies receive these services at a fraction of commercial costs. Please feel free to look at our gallery of commercial work.

Program participants may also work in teams to produce their own videos. A sample of these video, many based on the theme of the “Faces of Poverty” can be viewed here.

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