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Ed Wu. Classically-trained Violinist. Ultimate Frisbee Athlete. Cat lover. Cinematographer. Ed Wu explores the world through the lens of his camera. An honorary Hoosier from Long Island, NY, Ed transplanted to Los Angeles in search of uncovering and learning the magic behind visual storytelling. To refine his craft, Ed was accepted to study at the prestigious American Film Institute, receiving an MFA in cinematography. Before that, he studied at Indiana University receiving a BFA in Telecommunications, Communications and Culture, and East Asian Studies.

Ed's body of work ranges from music videos, documentaries, narratives, and commercials for corporate clients such as Wal-Mart, Popular Mechanics, and New Era. His film SPARKS has received recognition at the Short Film Corner at Cannes International Film Festival and a Best Picture nomination at the CMF International Grand Finale. Additionally, his work on the feature film NATHAN AND THE LUTHIER earned an official acceptance into the Heartland Film Festival and YES Film Festival. Through his experiences as a cinematographer and wanderer of the world, he's seen the power of an image and constantly continues to search for the perfect frame to tell the story.

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