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The official WARMENHOVEN & VENDERBOS vimeo channel.

Prêt-a-porter women's collections | Blurring fashion boundaries | Creating new forms by transformation, reinterpretation and defying traditional rules | Redefining luxury and femininity |

Welcome to the official Vimeo page of the Warmenhoven & Venderbos designer fashion house.

The Warmenhoven & Venderbos prêt-a-porter collections are known for their conceptual practice in which the designers draw upon their autonomous work, vision and ideas.
Through their in-dept way of thinking and working they are able to find ideas, discover reality and reveal hidden patterns.
This practice of in-depth design contents a creative process to improve innovation, developing and creating new individual products with an intrinsic value. Unique and timeless proposals defying prevailing norms and traditional rules.

These concepts and results are implemented in feminine prêt-a-porter collections with a distinct point of view and unique cut for self-confident, independent, quality conscious and avant-garde orientated women.

Please visit our website for more information and contact details:

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