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West Wind Digital is a film and video production company based in Sydney, Australia making kick-ass online video campaigns and creative projects like... The Bunyip Movie.

Visit our portfolio website & blog to see our work:

More about The Bunyip Movie (feature film):

Following in the steps of The Blair Witch Project, the original suspense horror Alien and the inspired crowd-sourcing heart of films like The Tunnel, The Bunyip Movie* (working title) is a micro-budget suspense horror being shot in New South Wales, Australia.

Directed by Miri Stone & Denby Weller, the creative directors of West Wind Digital, this film is a high-octain creature-feature that is going to rock your socks!

Stay tuned online for more vids... Expect camera tests, behind-the-scenes footage and vlogs from these filmmakers as they take you on journey right throughout production.

Get involved in our crowd funding campaign and get inspired - we want your contributions so we're running awesome competitions for casting, creature design and much more...

Be prepared to be terrified! Come and join in the fun of things that hunt you in the night!!!

Find out more about The Bunyip Movie at:

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