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Xango Henry

Weight: 221 lbs
Height: 6'3
Eyes: Hazel

Breath-taking!! The word used best to describe the work of Xango Henry. Xango is a seasoned actor, fitness model and life coach. He is on the path to A-Level success. Xango has constantly honed his craft from production to production, including the 2010 Cannes Festival Film Nude Nuns with Big Guns, 2010 Snoop Dogg short film "Malice In Wonderland", and 09 Tru TV's "Operation Repo", to name only a few. He recently completed the lead in a national TV commercial for Chrysler Dodge, an insuperable feat for an actor comparatively fresh on the Hollywood scene. Xangos diehard work ethic has awarded this excellent actor his SAG and AFTRA credentials.

Xango is trained in mixed martial arts and the techniques of staged combat. His hard body can be seen in fitness publications and online sites worldwide. His looks afford him a variety of available roles from military to police to thug to pastor and father figure. He is a natural in mixed genres to include action, drama, sci-fi, comedy and classical. Xango is an all around talent that brings a special charisma to every character he portrays. Xango definitely exudes that special thing, that je ne sais quoi, most actors only dream for.

Take a moment to review what we consider to be one of the best demo reels from one of our top performers and let us know if we can schedule him for an audition or interview for any of your productions. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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