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Educational, informative and inspirational, Cross Country has been reflecting pilots' passion for free flying for over 20 years and is read by hang glider and paraglider pilots in 75 countries throughout the world.

Available exclusively through subscription (see xcshop.com) and using the best photography, writing and production standards it is published six times a year for the global community of pilots who live and breathe paragliding and hang gliding. Cross Country is the campfire that pilots gather around to tell their tales and swap their stories.

Packed with intoxicating tales of adventures in far-off lands, first-hand accounts of awe-inspiring, record-breaking flights and sometimes just simple stories of ordinary, everyday pilots in our extraordinary sport, Cross Country aims to convey that feeling of being up there, in the moment, doing what we truly adore: just flying.

For those hungry to learn, Cross Country also gathers together the most qualified and experienced voices in the sport to bring you the best tuition and techniques, from the basic to the most cutting edge, with topics to educate everyone from beginners through to champions.

Our newshounds roam the globe bringing us news, reviews, opinion and comment on the latest events and equipment in the free flying world. If something big goes down, our team finds out about it and gets to talk to those in the know. As a source of information and education in the sports of hang gliding and paragliding, Cross Countrys far-reaching network of journalists is unequalled.

Cross Country is published in English, with Japanese and Chinese licensed versions.

XCMedia, the publishing house behind Cross Country magazine, also publishes Paramotor Magazine, the worlds best dedicated paramotoring title. In addition to the magazines, XCMedia is also the worlds largest wholesaler of free flying and paramotoring books, DVDs and calendars through XCshop.com.

XCshop.com works closely with authors and producers to get their products out as far and wide as possible through its extensive dealer network and busy website.

If you are looking to learn more about flying, polish up on rusty techniques or simply be amazed by what other pilots do, then come join us on our amazing adventure.

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