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Tacoma, WA

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Steve Weileman, a former wilderness guide, has combined his passion for the outdoors and his creativity into filmmaking. His first documentary, The Roadless Coast, which tells the story of three kayakers as they paddle down the Washington coast in search of tsunami debris, won Best Environmental Film, Waterwalker Film Festival 2013 and was included in the World Tour Reel Paddling Film Festival 2013.

His latest release The Secrets of Augustine, which expands on the first film and explores the issue of the plastic debris in the marine environment is told against the backdrop of a remote Alaskan volcanic island and will be available here in the On-Demand section June 2nd.

Steve continues to work with environmental groups to tell the stories of our oceans and is also actively involved with Adventurers and Scientist for Conservation. He'll be returning to Alaska in the summer of 2014 to research his next project. You can follow his adventures at Essex Media & Exploration.

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