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We are creatives that work in media and who have come to the conclusion that the reality of the two fisted daily biz has nothing to do with what we expected during our studies.

We know what's in us and that we're capable of more than what the possibilities of our professions give us. Our dream profession often evolved into a "normal" 9-5 job.

We want and we're capable of more.

The ideas and visions of creating something new are living and simmering in all of us.

We want to show what we're made of, even when we only have the night to pursue our thoughts. It's time to take our overtime creativity out of the shadow and into the light.

Art of the Extra Hour.

The Extra Hour Collective wants to offer a stage for dreams.

Are you with us?

We're looking for Conceptual Art, Photography, Paintings, Film, Visual Art, illustration, design, Music and more.

Take part of XH Collective and show what you're made of - or just support us!

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