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  1. Carlos Ortega Elizalde
  2. Jesse Michael Newman
  3. Aurum Light / Jaroslav
  4. Pale Horse Design
  5. Tom Lowe
  6. Rick Mereki
  7. Martin Perhiniak

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  1. Estupendo!!!, Gracias por compartirnos el proceso de creación de esa belleza :3
  2. Great work!!, really cool animation process ;)
  3. Is great!! i like the result!! But.. why the render process took so long time? (i think your PC specs are powerfull to manage that kind of software without problem)
  4. X Holman Mesa X commented on SpyFox
    Really well selected music and sfx i like it!
  5. X Holman Mesa X commented on PostHuman
    So great!!! Greetings from Colombia!!!!
  6. Really good!!
  7. Really good!! I like it!!