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Fashion, contemporary art, film, music, photography, culture, controversy, exploration and expression….  THE UNTITLED MAGAZINE and XXXX MAGAZINE are the new wave forward in transmedia publishing. The magazines' mission is to cultivate a deeper recognition of the cross pollination between fashion and contemporary art through the dynamic mediums of multimedia.
XXXX Magazine, launched in 2009 by Indira Cesarine, is a multimedia publication showcasing original productions of video art, fashion films and documentary shorts by a wide array of international contributing artists and directors. A new series of more than 30 video art and fashion film productions is produced for each bi-annual issue revolving around a specific theme. Recent issues include the “Kaleidoscopic”, “Surreal” and “Voyeur” issues. Issue 4, The “Voyage” issue, features photo and video editorial productions from a wide array of international contributors coming from locations as varied as Argentina, France, England, Peru, Greece, United States, Italy, Holland, Canada, Germany and Sweden, each with their own take on what the theme “Voyage” means to them.

XXXX Magazine made the landmark transition into an internationally distributed print publication with the release of “The Untitled Magazine” in 2011. The print magazine compliments the online interactive publication with stunning layouts and a stronger journalistic approach. The magazine strives to present original editorial that is progressive in content and cutting-edge in style, while exploring topical issues affecting the fashion, art and media industries. The Untitled Magazine is now available for purchase in select boutiques internationally and online.

XXXX Magazine & The Untitled Magazine present a multi-sensory journey fusing the art and fashion worlds in a dynamic and compelling way. Aside from the new print edition, online magazine and iPad site, the publications showcase the work of contributors at special events, installations, screenings, exhibits and spontaneous ‘happenings’ on a regular basis in cities including New York, Paris and London. Recent exhibits include “Facets of Figuration” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; The “Voyeur” Exhibit at Art Basel Miami in collaboration with Miami Art Museum Contemporaries, American Friends of the Louvre and Quintessentially, the “Soiree Au Louvre” Louvre Museum Benefit at the French Embassy Cultural Center in New York, among many other international exhibits and events. XXXX Magazine movies can also be viewed daily on the Big Screen Plaza video art billboard in Chelsea, Manhattan on an on-going basis.

For more information visit the publications online at or

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